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I like this article,and it's from /NB 574 new New Balance / Ganso in 2013 autumn's classic 574 brings the new series of " Canteen". The continuation of the iconic outline, this series of shoes with a suede and mesh fabric grey, olive green and red wine combined to create the body of the shoe, on both sides of the " N" Logo and heel respectively with brown and white and white leather travel comparison, midsole and rubber outsole is. / / Supreme x Vans Bruce Lee came ba jordan 3 katrina 2018 ck to winter 2013 " Bruce Lee" /Nike Running Shoes/ Nike to do note series Free Hyperfeel Black/Wolf Grey-Dark Grey color : a comment on Bruce Lee came back to X / Supreme Vans 2013 winter " Bruce Lee" not a series of note: /Nike Running Shoes/ Nike Free Hyperfeel Black/Wolf Grey-Dark Grey color in July 31st, the world's top 500 enterprises in Wenzhou footwear Auchan special purchasing will be held at the International Wenzhou Hotel, the more than 40 shoe enterprises to negotiate, and children's shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes and so on several types of shoe has not arrived. Wenzhou International Investment Promotion Center official said, transnational retail giants came home purchasing, export just started Wenzhou shoe enterprises should seize the opportunity to take the opportunity to enter the international market. the scene only to more than 40 shoe enterprises, how many people feel a little surprised. However, listening to the Ou Shang Ying Interroll (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. Product Manager Dan Qianying introduction, it is not surprising. "Our goal is to sell more and more quality products to more and more customers at lower and lower prices." A single show that, for example, sports shoes, the quality should be similar to Nike, Adidas, but prices tend to mid-range, of course, under the same conditions, they will give priority to short delivery, long term payment of shoe enterprises cooperation. this standard, the scene of many shoe boss dubbed "borrow cheaply". A Ouhai shoe enterprises responsible person said, with the international giants such as cooperation, profit pressure is very low, but the other side of an order down, the demand will be considerable, successful cooperation, the amount of orders will be relatively stable, the product can be a short time to enter the global market. "if the overseas market has been mature network, basically does not consider cooperation with multinational companies such as auchan." Many shoe owners express similar views. Obviously, Chen Qi, d Cheap foamposites for sale eputy director of the Wenzhou International Investment Promotion Center, is not surprised by this view. He said that such a special procurement will be organized mainly to help more SMEs in Wenzhou seek a way to expand the export market. Chen Qi said, this route is for, to see different companies, such as AOKANG, Dongyi has its own international market network of the enterprise, is not the demand of the auchan. What kind of shoes are most suitable? Already have a certain scale of production, is about to expand overseas markets or export of shoes just start, can be in line with international standards in the short term, but also can rapidly expand export share. (editor in chief: admin) two years of Chinese leather shoes in the European Union after the anti-dumping tax, the domestic involving more than 1200 enterprises most went to do a "turtle", is still the only AOKANG , etc. temane pitiful few companies hired a lawyer to appeal to the court of leather shoes anti-dumping litigation. Such a situation is puzzling. the industry knows that a 16.5% tax rate is a deadly punishment. After the EU arbitration force and started, many shoe exports to the EU will be cornered, because the shoe exports to the EU, the vast majority of the company's profit is only about 10%, and the European Union in their business, most of the profit is to the dealer. : then why does the European Union have to suffer "killers"? The dumping of the rules of the game is defined like this: if a pair of shoes in the domestic price is 10 euros, sold to the EU into a price of 8 euros, dumping in trade has been formed, in accordance with the rules of WTO, dumping countries are to be taxed as a punishment. How have Chinese shoes been punished? After generally is the case, a pair of shoes sold in China to 10 euros in the EU price was sold to 20 euros, but sold to third countries outside the EU when price is 25 euros, the EU is on the basis of the 25 Euro Chinese shoes anti-dumping ruling. in the abacus, in the normal value of export pro Cheap foamposites for sale ducts, often will also export country into a "market economy" and "non market economy" class two, and were using different calculation methods. For a "market economy" survey using their domestic price data directly, for "non market economy" is not the market price, instead of using the considered "third market economy" (i.e. the "surrogate country") the price data as normal value. In the "China color TV set up dumping", the selected "third country" is Singapore; this "Chinese shoes constitute dumping", the selected "third country" is said to be Brazil. isn't China already joining WTO? "China shoes" why is with special respect? Specialized in studying WTO ruleswhite shoes ~ small white shoes ~ a pair of small white shoes! Nike Air, Huarache, Run, Ultra, BR, a large area of choice of breathable mesh, combined with rubber, soles and insoles are also integrated into the red embellishment. the weather is too late to wear The curry and the warriors are still writing the legend! , meanwhile, UA Curry 2's new color can not be ignored, rumors that this paragraph is Christmas color... , but it doesn't feel right, right? whenever the festival comes, there will always be a lot of inspiration for the shoes. Adidas Originals will its Top Ten shoes through the black leather and foot skull pattern presents Halloween atmosphere. And such a design is reminiscent of the 2009 Tim Duncan TS Commander player edition, quite interesting. source: AfewIn 2012 Nike published a landmark of the Flyknit technology, the numerous yarn composed of shoe materials, except in appearance, the color of the part with infinite variability, docile characteristics make feet wearer experience one of the most memory link, and Flyknit material sources are taken from the bottle the material recovery system (Polyethylene Terephthalate), the plastic recycling, but also in response to the brand advocate the concept of environmental protection. When first application technology Nike Flyknit Racer knitted shoes, in numerous color of " cheap air jordans Multicolor" through the characteristics of fabric color changing line, creating a bright visual appearance like a rainbow, so many fans captured the shoes, starting in 2012 after Nike or even three degrees (2015, 2016, 2017) re launched the version of Multicolor, showing its popularity. Recently, foreign websites have also brought together three pairs of Flyknit Racer 'Multicolor' which were sold in 2012, 2015 and 2016 respectively, and compared the details. (Note: as this year's sale of "Multicolor" color is the 2015 version, it is not included. ) noted that in addition to the vamp color obviously differ, the tongue itself and printed on the top of the font color is also different, in addition to shoes from the beginning of the wide flat style to a more rounded shape, while the 2016 version is returned to the original laces set. I wonder what kind of editions you all like best , Nike, Flyknit, Racer, Multicolor (2012), Nike, Flyknit, Racer, Multicolor (2015), Nike, Flyknit, Racer, Multicolor (2016) source: Stadium, Goods, PUMA Trinomic Zip from the side of the shoe, the shoe body flow dynamic stability, and Trinomic technology in tongue type sock bottom, Disc Blaze shoes cleverly integrated into every detail of contour, the most amazing in removing the Disc disk technology, and with the zipper design instead. With the application of material science and technology change rapidly, like last year's Trinomic Sock shoes, with characteristics of the shoe body fabric to lock the feet, so is the Trinomic Zip, and also has the function of easy to wear off performance of Puma, often in the lacing system to meet the different mutations, the wearer needs, Puma Trinomic Zip series of shoes to see more possibilities. Puma Trinomic Zip currently available in Europe, black, red and white meters, priced at 150 euros. source: Footpatroladidas Originals NMD R1 in Taiwan in April 28th will have a Primeknit version, six new color sale, the sale of investment buyers signed form selected by online today (4/25) to Wednesday (4/27) at 11:59 in jordans on sale mens the morning until you can go to the online investment exploration shoe sign system registration, intends to start prospecting shoe please be sure to pay attention to the deadline, the style and price selling size please refer to Adidas originals store Taipei information released, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. source: adidas, originals, store, TaipeiNike KD 6 "What The KD" will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please notice quasi. is a smart basketball concept store source: Eukicks held today in Las Vegas training camp, Paul George first low barrel version of Nike Hyperdunk 2014, and on the tongue with exclusive logo, make eyes bright, the low version does not sell news, interested friends, please refer to our previous report. source: Cassy, Athena, PhotoMove at ease protect the knee joint, from the start of the election on the right shoes, the international well-known sports brand New Balance to pay attention to the daily care and the elderly are sports enthusiasts, carefully crafted a series of walking shoes, using ACTEVA? Lite light weight in the bottom, reduce the overall weight and high elasticity and flexibility, while walking to the joint site feel relaxed, with the ABZORB patent? Shock absorption, provide the best damping effect, effectively reduce the movement of the foot to withstand the impact of WALKING, STRIKE PATH walking stable circulation center, auxiliary walking heel to the sole to maintain the correct pace, while improving the stability and smooth, whether it is shopping for a walk or walking, can easily go effortless! New Balance 684 walking shoes, using embossed cortex, anti splash surface, high texture, good maintenance, you can rest assured that wearing out of the movement. 650, walking shoes use breathable mesh fabric material, providing light and comfortable wearing experience. Consumers can choose to apply shoes according to their usual exercise habits. Walking shoes series are equipped with Ndurance wearable outsole, to meet the needs of different intensity of sports wear resistance and durability, coupled with easy to wear off zipper design, wearing more relaxed and calm. now immediately for themselves and for mom and dad to buy New Balance walking shoes, careful to take care of the feet, do not have to worry about the joint burden, enjoy the fun brought by the rich movement, to maintain a high quality of life and mental health! in the first NBA regular season overseas, New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks came to London during the preparation of the game, Carmelo Anthony and Prince Harry have met two people in Coach Core activities for the first time with the exchange, Carmelo Anthony took advantage of this rare opportunity, special gift of Prince Harry Jordan Melo M11 with a pair of signature, and a dress embroidered with the prince nick name team jerseys, to express their meaning of happy, but this time with the prince with light to make Melo feel very honored to have. source: Sole Collector Nike Sock Dart New District China olive green color on sale tomorrow an olive green dart brought a strong military atmosphere, while the 849rmb price is also lower than Nike ID, friends do not miss the love. Item: 819686-300 release date: July 1st 9 issue price: $849 RMB with Kobe five global conference held, you should understand, Nike wave wave of speculation is about to hit. A pair of notes drawn from Bruce Lee's five note, Kobe, is said to have come from Kobe's love of Chinese martial arts. Who knows? The shoe laces and yellow will let Bruce Lee fans the first time reminiscent of Bruce Lee in the "game of life and death" (The Game of Death) in wearing a wetsuit, while four scratches side toe part more vivid reproduction of Bruce Lee in "(Enter the Dragon)" a dragon and a tiger in combat in the bloody kill Bo classic styling, presumably if Bruce Lee is a huge fan, not to be missed.BbsImg141515846325263_608_609.jpg (28.07 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Retro new bugs bunny color 2014-11-5 11:44 upload May 12th at 14:28 in the afternoon, rare Richter 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County of Wenchuan Province, taking Wenchuan County as the center of the surrounding areas severely affected, causing heavy casualties, this is the history of Sichuan most serious earthquake disaster casualties. The earthquake disaster also spread to Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Chongqing and other provinces (city), around the loss is very serious, the victims appear to be trapped and buried and other phenomena, waiting for the rescue of the survivors will face a shortage of clean water, shelter, food, sanitation and medicine dilemma. With the rising casualty data, our heart slowly began to feel lonely, earthquake disaster and worried. Disaster makes us sad, but also let us more unity. We must work together to help them tide over the difficulties, and we must join hands to hold up the ark of love in the crisis, so that they can stand firm from the ruins! gray days, the vast field. On top of the mountain, state mourning. In the face of disaster, people and people Chinese shoes stand together. On the afternoon of May 13th, China shoes net issued a "proposal on donations to the earthquake stricken areas of Sichuan". The first donation from China shoes net CEO Mr. Wang Jiancong was followed by 50 yuan, 100 yuan and 500 yuan...... A moment later, the donation was filled with donations. In fact, they also have elderly children at home, in fact, they bear a heavy mortgage, in fact, their relatives and friends are still in the disaster areas, in fact, some of them from the disaster areas in Sichuan, their house also collapsed...... Just because I donate money, because I'm chinese!" Just because the world is full of love, the world is full of love. heart interlinked, love phase system, blood blending. In the morning of May 15th, Chinese shoes net employees spontaneously went to the hospital to donate blood for free, and the blood donation team formed a long queue. "In the face of the disaster, it shows the unity of the Chinese people. Today, there are so many people who donate blood. I've been waiting for over three hours."." The young man who had just offered his blood said excitedly. Yes, we are running the same blood, with the same heartbeat, the same pulse, the same feelings, our hearts pull, our blood ties. now, there are still many compatriots pressed in the ruins, urgently need to save; there are still many compatriots have not yet found, life and death is unknown; still many compatriots need treatment, was quickly transferred. Those who do not urgently needed supplies all the victims, those phosphorus injury people in urgent need of assistance, who curled up in the ruins of the children waiting for rescue, the overhanging layers of rubble in the arms of yearning for life, who will fall in the body for a miracle. And these need us together, work together, hold out your hand, stretch out my hand, hold tight together, and cast together the love of the Great Wall. Chinese shoes man's power is limited, but if people work together side by side, the whole society, the whole nation is strength) had repeatedly to release physical and shoes on feet preview air huarache cities do not note version respectively in the light of London, Milan, Paris, Berlin and four European city of culture elements, the unique urban subway car color inspiration to create, bring present four models of new design of air huarache with color; the shoes are so before the rumors, only sold in the UK edition of, are priced at 95 pounds. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!